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“Anyone who angers you, conquers you.”


“Whatever you do, stamp out abuses, and love those who love you.”

“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.”


“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”

Controlling Anger – Anger Management Training
Anger Management Course

 Anger Management Program

24-Lesson Anger Busting™ Online Anger Management Course

Our 12-hour, court-certified, online class includes instant access to your certificate upon completion!

Invest just $65 today on a course that will change your life forever!

What would you do if a judge or your spouse or your boss were to tell you to get into an anger management program and change NOW? One thing is for sure; you couldn’t afford to waste time driving to meetings once or twice a week to listen to a group of whiners complain about how people don’t really understand them. You have a lot at stake here, and you need to get help, get better, and get on with your life.

That is what is so great about our 24-Lesson Anger Busting™ Online Anger Management Course – you can start immediately! Everything you need to help you begin to CHANGE NOW is right at your fingertips. You can do the lessons from your computer in the comfort and privacy of your own home. After each lesson there is a test. When you have completed all 24 lessons, and passed all 24 tests with a score of at least 80%, you will receive a certificate of completion you can present to the court.

This powerful anger management training program covers everything most live classroom courses cover, plus it adds a lot more. The core of this course is based on the award winning Anger Busting™ Workbook, by James A. Baker. The book was developed with the express purpose of providing anger clients with simple yet effective solutions for controlling anger fast. And it WORKS!

The course covers important Anger Busting™ anger control principles like:

  • Consequences of Anger on Relationships, Employment and Health
  • Relationship of Anger to Addictive Behaviors
  • Understanding the Nature of Anger and Recognizing Anger Styles
  • Anger Triggers
  • The Relationship Between Situations, Belief Systems and Emotions
  • Replacing Irrational Thoughts With Rational Ones
  • Techniques for Cooling Off Anger Responses
  • Practicing Assertiveness to Express Healthy Anger
  • The Importance of Setting Good Boundaries
  • Helpful tools to improve communication
  • Confronting denial, exposing scapegoating and accepting accountability
  • Understanding the fight or flight syndrome
  • Stopping the anger addiction cycle
  • Sixteen angry behaviors that you must immediately stop doing for any reason.
  • Twenty positive belief system concepts
  • Communication skills to use when you are in either the Deep Doghouse or the Shallow Doghouse

This practical and powerful online course not only fulfills the court-mandated requirement for anger management training, it also REALLY WORKS! Everyday we hear from clients across the continent telling us that taking this unique, straightforward anger management course has changed their lives. Not only do they tell us they have been able change the way they deal with anger, they say it has also made a big difference in their relationships with their spouses, friends and coworkers.

Email Us Here to register for the 24-Lesson Online Anger Busting™ anger management course, or sign up through our partner website.


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